OSL Project Cargo Services: Custom Solutions for Heavy, Large, High Value, and Critical Products

OSL prides itself for assembling a highly-skilled and experienced team of associates, partners, Project Cargo underwriters, and Marine risk consultants spread all over the world. Each professional and service provider associated with us has a verifiable track record of handling all kinds of Project Cargo, with an in-depth understanding and experience of handling all its aspects. With an expansive, trustworthy, and time-tested network, OSL has the capacity to handle Project Cargo risks, and deploy all the necessary resources as required.

We understand that critical equipment and machinery for large production facilities and infrastructure projects require highly specialized handling and storage facilities. We offer you the expertise to evaluate the nature of your cargo and the risks associated with it, and customized solutions to ship them from anywhere to anywhere in the world within committed timeframes.

Some of the specialist fields we cover are:

  • Manufacturing/ Processing
  • Paper & pulp
  • Power generation
  • Printing
  • Solar
  • Steel mills
  • Wind power

We have a clearly-established communication chain and reporting system. To know more about how our transportation methods and routes, contact us at info@shailshuta.com