OSL Refrigerated Cargo: Quick & Specialized Temperature-Controlled Services

OSL Refrigerated Cargo Service is widely used by food industry. We are well-experienced in handling Bufallow Meat, Fruits, Cut Fruits,Vegetables and Pharmaceutical goods and provide total logistics services.

Our strong network also includes well-trusted and highly experienced associates and partners worldwide who can offer you intermodal transportation and storage services in India and beyond.

Some of the benefits OSL Refrigerated Cargo service allows you are:

  • Temperature-controlled transport solutions
  • Prioritized space allocation, as well as prioritized handling at the place of origin and destination
  • Support with completing documents and customs formalities, transportation
  • Avail of value-added services like re-icing, re-packing, commissioning and palletizations
  • Specialized services for highly-sensitive life sciences & healthcare freight transport by land, sea or air

To know more about product-specific logistics solutions we can offer you, contact us at info@shailshuta.com