Export Dry Containers with OSL: Excellence in Delivery Logistics

OSL's global network for associates and partners operate a shipping and maintenance program that is fully compliant with the international standards, especially the CSC (Convention for Safe Containers) (IMO) standards. We can offer you a fleet of dry containers, reefer containers, as well as containers for special equipment.

If you are looking forward to export dry containers, OSL is the best logistics solution provider you can opt for. We offer:

  • The standard containers we have on offer are 20' and 40' standard containers as well as 40' and 45' high containers.
  • We can also arrange special containers for shipment of different sizes and specifications.
  • Our dry containers can be tailored to meet your requirements, and can carry extra high payloads, have extra wide doors, offer ventilation for products like coffee and cocoa, have hanger beams for garments, and may include bull rings and lashing bars for added security of your cargo.
  • We combine wooden platforms, nylon straps, steel chains and cables for loading vehicles safely in our containers, and eliminate the possibility of any damage to them.

OSL experts can also help you with cargo claims handling process. We not only offer services for safe handling and storage of products that require special treatments but also help you acquire independent marine surveyors and professionals who can help you with coverage of loss that you might incur due to loss or damage of your cargo.

Besides dry containers, OSL can also arrange refrigerated transport and reefer containers for you. Our Controlled Atmosphere containers and years of experience and industry insights directly help 'you' as our customer.

To get the detailed information about the logistics services most suitable for you from our dedicated container and ocean freight specialists in India (and around the globe), contact us at info@shailshuta.com

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