OSL Solutions for Special Equipment: Efficient Transportation of Mega Cargo

OSL manages one of the largest networks of container transport and logistics services providers spread across the world. We understand that good things come in all shapes and sizes. Our team of dedicated professionals and experts work 24X7 to take utmost care of your special or oversized cargo and transport it safely from one place to another. From special vehicles, ships and planes to making special arrangements for loading and unloading them, we offer you holistic and tailored logistics solutions for your business needs.

Our biggest strength is that we offer the fastest response to all your enquiries and instant human connect. We can also offer you door-to-door services and intermodal transportation services.

To transport your special cargo in a comfortable, safe and secure environment, OSL offers a fleet of different types of containers, such as 20' or 40' flatracks or 20', 40', and 45' opentops. These steel containers can be collapsible or non-collapsible, and will be allotted to you as per your requirements. Flatrack containers are most suitable for loading from the top or sides for heavy cargo or loads, such as pipes and machinery. Open-top containers are most suitable for bulky or unusual cargo such as machinery. Our opentop containers are fitted with PVC tarpaulin covers, attachable bows, and cable sealing devices. For conveniently loading and unloading of cargo, the container doors can be removed easily.

We can also put you in touch with customized container operators and arrange vehicles for cargo with odd-sized dimensions, weights and design features. OSL offers a wide range of leased and partner carriers and equipments that translate into cost-effective and efficient container solutions for our clients.

To coordinate with OSL logistics experts for Special Equipments, contact us at info@shailshuta.com

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