OSL Values

Om Shailsuta Logistics is a venture of Shailsuta Pvt. Ltd. which has been a leader in trucking services in India for more than 40 years . We have built our business around five core values, which we follow both in their meaning and in their intent. They are:

  • Excellence of Delivery Services: As a complete logistics solutions provider, we deal with clients who come with very different kinds of demands. We provide complete door-to-door services, comprehensive solutions, and tailored solutions to cater all of the client needs while maintaining best industry practices and full compliance with related rules and regulations. We continuously challenge our capabilities and pro-actively work to improve our processes ensuring seamless cargo flow.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction means regular business for us. At OSL, we work to foster long-term business relationships with all our clients. We keep ourselves updated about the customers, their logistic requirements, their target customers, and their competitors. ‘Repeat Business’ is the main source of our income, and we love to help you grow by offering you most cost-effective and timely services.

  • Transparency in Operations: Our organizational structure is not hierarchical. We respect suggestions from our clients, potential clients, employees, potential employees, associates, service providers, and partners. We respect the cultural values and laws of the countries and states we operate in. We think globally but act locally. Moreover, we keep you informed at all times.

  • Success for All: We believe that success of each individual and unit associated with us will translate into success for our business. Hence, success of our customers, our employees, and our group defines our priorities. This translates into an outstanding cooperation amongst all the parties and makes sure that everything happens smoothly.

  • Core Value: We totally believe in behaving with integrity and hold on to our words with utmost respect. We realize that only the businesses that are true and honest to their clients, employees, partners, associates, shareholders and general public, can run forever. We expect the same from our employees, associates and partners.